Mexican Home Converted To Cultural Library Center

Both the interior and exterior are great mixes of contemporary and traditional space, even with a tree shooting up through the center of the ceiling elevated space. Rows and rows of bookshelves line the walls, carrying all the way up to the ceiling in most cases– without any kind of height restrictions. Concrete and glass extends from the original plaster and brick structure, and it’s all worth it with glass louvres to allow natural ventilation and a glimpse of the interior ongoings.


No good result can come from any investigation which refuses to consider the facts. A conclusion that is based upon a presumption instead of the best evidence is unworthy of a moment”s consideration. The lynching record, as it is compiled from day to day by unbiased, reliable, and responsible public journals, should be the basis of every investigation which seeks to discover the cause and suggest the remedy for lynching. The excuses of lynchers and the specious pleas of their apologists should be considered in the light of the record, which they invariably misrepresent or ignore.

The Christian and moral forces of the nation should insist that misrepresentation should have no place in the discussion of this all important question, that the figures of the lynching record should be allowed to plead, trumpet-tongued, in defense of the slandered dead, that the silence of concession be broken, and that truth, swift-winged and courageous, summon this nation to do its duty to exalt justice and preserve inviolate the sacredness of human life.


Ida B. Wells Source: Independent, May 16, 1901.

113 years later, why is Ida B. Wells still painfully correct? 


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Spot on


Spot on


The Longest Hours - Rick Araluce




Dead Cassette Tapes Reincarnated As Skeletons by
Brian Dettmer

As featured in Hi-Fructose vol.7


‘Tautochronos’ : Photography by Michel Lamoller


Jim Hodges
Untitled (one day it all comes true)
denim fabric and thread
720 x 1,440 in


Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed, Silent Warrior, 2010

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(via oxfamgb)